Webinar Recording: Developing Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Schools

Global Peace Foundation
November 16, 2016

Part of the Transforming Education webinar series, this webinar was held on November 15, 1pm ET.

In this webinar, a panel of leaders in the education field explored how schools can nurture highly motivated students to realize their passion in bringing solutions to real world needs through developing businesses and social enterprises. Panelists provided insights on:

-What are the opportunities to nurture student entrepreneurship in schools?
-How can student leadership development enhance that?
-How can schools support with hands-on, team-based, experiential approaches?
-How can digital skills and technology be utilized to drive student innovation?
-What are the opportunities to engage mentors from the private sector, entrepreneurs and universities?
-What can leadership teams and teachers do to support new entrepreneurial models such as incubators and other creative environments in schools?
-How can an emphasis on entrepreneurship and leadership inspire and enhance learning outcomes?

-Patrick Cush, Founder, Launch High School, Colorado Springs, USA
-Erastus Mong’are, Founder & Executive Director, Startup Africa
-Daniel Juma, Executive Director, Global Peace Foundation – Kenya

-Tony Devine Ed.D, Vice President, Education, Global Peace Foundation

-One World United and Virtuous
-Global Peace Foundation

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