Webinar: How Well Are We Educating For Global Citizenship?

Global Peace Foundation
June 2, 2016

On June 1, 2016, Global Peace Education, One World United and Virtuous, and Character.org held a webinar titled, “How Well Are We Educating For Global Citizenship?”

The webinar asked the question, “As an educator, are you teaching your students to be global citizens?”

In an age of increased digital innovation, preparing students for the work force requires more than academic excellence. Competencies such as entrepreneurship, collaboration, character building and digital savviness are expected of citizens entering a hyper-connected workforce.

Teachers and other professionals involved in education were invited to attend, review the current state of global citizenship education and make suggestions as to how character education can be used to promote and achieve a set of shared global objectives.

Looking forward, we will encourage participants of the webinar to consider ways in which social development can be brought to schools and classrooms, so that students are equipped for the world ahead of them.

The moderator of the webinar was Becky Sipos, President and CEO, Character.org

The panelists were Tony Devine Ed.D, Vice President, Education, Global Peace Foundation, Joseph Carvin, CEO, One World United and Virtuous, and featured speaker Libby Giles, Global Citizenship Education Director, New Zealand Centre for Global Studies.

Learn more about the “Transforming Education Webinar Series” here.

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