Volunteers Protect Tanzanian Beach in Climate Action for Peace Service Project

Naomi MacMurdie
March 2, 2023
GPF Tanzania volunteers gather for a group photo during a service project at Mbalamwezi Beach

GPF Tanzania volunteers gather for a group photo during a service project at Mbalamwezi Beach

Volunteers with Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Tanzania took action to clean up Mbalamwezi Beach, one of the country’s most polluted beaches, in January 2023. More than 130 people rolled up their sleeves and worked side-by-side to collect plastic bottles and other waste.

The service project is part of GPF Tanzania’s program #ClimateAction4Peace. While the main goal is to raise awareness for environmental conservation, the project also made a significant ecological impact by removing waste from 600 meters of the beach. Seventy-five bags of plastic-filled trash that would have otherwise remained in the ocean for up to 400 years instead were safely removed.

Volunteers collecting trash at Mbalamwezi Beach

Volunteers collecting trash at Mbalamwezi Beach

The diverse volunteer group was made up of artists, journalists, students, local government officials, members of civil society organizations, and many other local stakeholders.

“This is a positive outcome for saving the lives of the creatures that depend on these marine ecosystems as well as people who come to relax and enjoy visiting the clean beaches,” said Martha Nghambi, GPF Tanzania Country Director. “GPF continues to ensure beaches and other places, especially water sources, are clean and safe. We don’t have another world it is our responsibility to ensure we fulfill our responsibility to protect the environment.”

Mwasiti Almas, a musician, was one of the volunteers at the beach. She is a Bongo Flava (nickname for Tanzanian music) singer and an ambassador for the #ClimateAction4Peace program. “I am happy to interact with various people to clean the beach,” said Mwasiti. “We as musicians too have a responsibility to use our artworks to encourage communities to protect the environment and will continue to be an ambassador for environment and peace.”

Three volunteers pose or a photo on the beach

Three volunteers pose for a photo on the beach

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