Volunteers inspired by Life-park Project

February 13, 2020
Eric Olsen

By Emiko Perea

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia’s ongoing Life Park project, launched in 2014, has supported hundreds of people living in Rusunawa Flamboyan, Jakarta. Funded by partners like Samsung Life and Life Insurance Social Contribution, the project has supported low-cost apartment communities with new facilities, such as a multipurpose court and playground. Volunteers from local universities dedicate their weekends to engage young students in the ongoing educational and sports programs at the facilities.

One of the recent volunteers, Ayu Nastiti, thanked GPF Indonesia for the opportunity to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a teacher as a volunteer in the program. Despite the fact the facilities had limited supplies, including not having enough whiteboards and blackboards, there wasn’t a lack of enthusiastic students, who would rather learn English or art at the project facilities on weekend mornings than spend their free time watching TV or playing games. Ayu, impressed by the students’ dedication and the enthusiasm from the volunteers, said, “I learned to be grateful there, thankful for what I already have, grateful to see that there are still many good people who care about education.”

As another aspiring teacher, Eka Ramadhani said, “Life Park Project taught me a lot of new knowledge, new friends, and new methods to be applied when I become a formal teacher in the future. Through the Life Park Project activity, I understand that togetherness, socialization, and smiles are very valuable and important for children and the community in Flamboyan Flat.”

Novyani Nurhayati aspires to help children from low-income families in Indonesia receiving equal opportunities for education. Novyani said, “By joining Life Park Project as a volunteer has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only I can help taking action from a small scale, but also I can meet people with the same vision as I do. Meeting those children also taught me how to be grateful to myself.” She appreciated the care GPF team put in including current issues in its curriculum and for their support for the teachers. “Personally, as a volunteer, I feel much appreciated in this program and I’m looking forward to continuing my involvement with GPF Indonesia.”

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