Villagers Suffer Dilapidated Houses in Rural Malaysia

Eric Olsen
July 22, 2020

In Malaysia, the villagers of Kg. Cerampak are left with little resources to build their houses with. Due to deforestation, they don’t have access to ready supplies of wood. Instead, they forage the roadside for decayed wood to use as support beams and rusted zinc with holes to use for roofing.

These houses are unsustainable and barely last 3 months. The villagers are often made to sleep in makeshift huts or in houses much too small for their families. Despite these difficult circumstances, the villagers have hope that they will be able to live in houses that will keep them safe and secure and their belongings safe.

The GPF Malaysia chapter has provided valuable resources and implemented empowerment programs to support locals from Malaysian rural areas. From this, the chapter boosts the sustainable development of the communities. The Malaysia chapter will continue these efforts to bring peace to these rural communities and connect them as One Family under God.

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