Understanding the Korean Dream (Blog Series #1: Introduction)

Jinhoon Lee
January 21, 2021

Since the establishment of Action for Korea United (AKU) in 2012, its efforts to realize a unified Korea have taken place in various quarters, both within Korea and internationally. Today, this coalition has grown to include over 930 organizations, working to raise awareness for unification through social and cultural campaigns and to incorporate unification efforts into the daily lives of Korean people.

Despite the importance of these areas, however, the most fundamental mission of AKU remains in sharing the vision of the Korean Dream. Putting forth the ideal of Hongik Ingan, a Korean ethos meaning “to broadly benefit all humanity,” AKU seeks to bring Korean people together toward unification and beyond. It is under this premise that AKU has been actively communicating the vision of the Korean Dream to the South Korean public.

Speaker and audience

Inteck Seo giving a presentation on Korean unification

Inteck Seo, president of Global Peace Foundation Korea (GPF Korea) and co-president of AKU, has been a leading figure on this initiative. For many years he shared content on the Korean Dream and Korean unification through different events including discussions, forums, and workshops.

In November 2019, Seo presented a comprehensive lecture on the Korean Dream for the AKU citizen-leaders of different regions. Detailing the social, historical, political, and theological aspects of unification, his lecture included the North Korean nuclear issue, current foreign policy of the United States toward the Korean peninsula, lessons from German reunification, the meaning of the Korean Dream, and more.

Book covers of Korean Dream

Centennial editions of the Korean Dream

While the book by Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Korean Dream: a Vision for a Unified Korea, stands as an original articulation of the Korean Dream and a backbone to many of AKU’s initiatives, the contents of President Seo adds a valuable perspective that takes into account the ever-changing state-of-affairs surrounding the Korean peninsula.

On this basis, an upcoming blog series will cover the content of this lecture from president Seo. As it did for many of us, we hope that these upcoming materials may reveal to you a potential that rests in the idea of the Korean Dream and help foster global interest in the unification of Korea.

For the lecture* on the Korean Dream visit here.

To purchase the Korean Dream: a Vision for a Unified Korea by Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, visit here.

*The content is currently only available in Korean. English captions for the video will be added at a later date for international viewers.

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