Transforming Education in Uganda

Eric Olsen
April 22, 2021

With an expanded focus on the “whole child,” Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Uganda hosted a series of three virtual peacebuilding and education planning meetings for partners and education leaders on February 11, 2021. The “Transforming Education” program focused on peacebuilding, character, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship development, and included discussions on educational frameworks and partnership strategy for 2021.

The Program was co-hosted by the Mobilized Rotary Club, Ministry of Education, NCDC and Association of Secondary School Head Teachers Association of Uganda.

Key among the discussions were redefining learning for schoolchildren by integrating the online-virtual with the home-based “classroom.” In this process, leaders from multiple sectors, including education, political and business fields, reached across lines of difference to work with Christian and Muslim faith leaders, parents and elders to tackle issues ranging from identity-based conflict and violence to poor student performance in schools.

Already, schools have begun changing traditional group arrangements in the classroom by grouping together students from different religious and cultural backgrounds in mixed teams. These teams work together to accomplish assignments, play sports, and engage in community cleans-ups, tree planting, school innovation expos and charity work. This simple change allows students to build strong relationships with each other across artificial barriers, while cultivating character and a culture of living for the sake of others through service.

The “Transforming Education” program focused on peacebuilding, character, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship development.

Parents were encouraged in their role as moral educators and key partners in peacebuilding and educational transformation. GPF Uganda worked with school administrators to engage parents to come together and jointly invest in planned activities, to mentor students for success in life, and prepare them to be responsible citizens.

Private Sector Foundation Uganda and the Interreligious Council of Uganda have been supporting schools and GPF campaigns with enhanced practical learning tools and experiences, as well as digital skills development.

The Government of the Republic of Uganda, Rotary Club, NCDC, Interreligious Council of Uganda, ASSHU, the Uganda Journalists Association and Private Sector Foundation Uganda recognized GPF as a leading organization that contributed to stability in the country through its educational and peacebuilding initiatives and media campaigns.

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