Traditional Japanese Drummer Reflects on 2017 Global Peace Convention

Naomi Yakawich
April 3, 2017

Japan native, Takeshi Chiyozono, performed his traditional Japanese drums routine for the 2017 Global Peace Awards Gala and Global Youth Summit in Manila, Philippines. Profoundly touched by the diversity of participants and experts in all sectors of society with a deep passion for global peace, Mr. Chiyozono shared his reflection as a guest at the 2017 Global Peace Convention.

Takeshi Chiyozono performs at the 2017 Global Peace Awards Gala

“I am profoundly grateful that I had these very precious opportunities to perform the Japanese traditional drum to open the Global Peace Awards Gala and Global Youth Summit.

Everyone was born from his or her mother. I believe that the sound of the Japanese drum is the sound of her heart. We heard the pulse of our mother’s heart in her womb. The sound and rhythm were ingrained in our memories and cells. The sound of the drum is strong, kind, and brings back memories. The pulses are ground-shaking and resounding in heaven.

In Manila, my soul was so inspired, sharing the moment to resonate with the Global Peace Convention audience through the Japanese drum’s pulses and vibrations.

I believe that the Japanese drum can stimulate people to go beyond boundaries of race, religion, nationality, culture, languages and all other barriers. This is exactly what I saw in the Global Peace Foundation’s vision. I am convinced that we share the same vision. I will work harder to fulfill the mission to connect the world in peace through the Japanese drum.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for special sponsors, Fuji Suiso Kansha and Oyama Drum Shop. Thank you very much.”

Watch Mr. Chiyozono’s stunning performance at the 2017 Global Peace Awards:

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