The Malaysian Insider reports Archbishop Pakiam advocates “Unity in Diversity”

Global Peace Foundation
December 21, 2013

Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam spoke at the Global Peace Convention 2013 held in Malaysia, under the theme, “Faith Leadership for the Greater Good: Forging Unity in Diversity Based on Shared Values.”

Pakiam has advocated “Unity in Diversity” in honorary duty as Archbishop. According to the Malaysian Insider (MI), Archbishop Pakiam recalled “the teachings of the Catholic Church called on its people to recognise, preserve and promote all spiritual and moral good things as well as socio-cultural values through dialogue and cooperation with followers of other religions.”

Pakiam’s expressed his continued commitment towards building cooperation among faiths. The Malaysian Insider reported him stating, “all religions are taught that God, or by whatever name we address the Almighty Creator, the Shanti, the Brahman, the Maha Curu, Allah Maha Kuasa, created the whole world and all it contains and consequently, all mankind are brothers and sisters.”

The Malaysian Insider noted that amidst delicate legal matters pertaining the government ban on using the word “Allah” the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur has called for “Unity in Diversity” in his statement to the, “Herald, a Catholic publication. He states, “the commitment to peace and brotherhood of all mankind was embodied in all religious teaching.”


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