Tanzania Youth Counter Violent Extremism in Ongoing Campaign for Peace

Global Peace Foundation
January 7, 2019

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Tanzania conducts ongoing workshops for students in regions across the country to educate youth on the value of moral and innovative leadership in preventing extremism and building up their communities.

Throughout the month of November, GPF Tanzania youth with the Vijana Na Amani (Youth and Peace) campaign participated in a clean up day and extremism prevention workshop at the Dodoma Institute of Development and Entrepreneurship Studies. Volunteering for service projects not only brings the community together, but also allows youth to be a part of a social group that upholds common peacebuilding and leadership values, making them less susceptible to joining extremist groups.

The latest GPF Tanzania Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) training program was hosted at Kingani Secondary School in Bagamoyo, the coastal region of Tanzania. Global and regional experts on violent extremism spoke on topics like media and radicalization; the role of women in preventing violent extremism; religious engagement, interfaith and ideological refutation; and prevention through education.

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