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Emiko Perea
June 10, 2020

Our nation is at a critical turning point; the anguish of this moment can be the impetus for enduring positive change.

We are collecting stories from around the United States to highlight sincere efforts by individuals and communities to come together and heal our nation.

If you have a story to share please send it to [email protected].

May “we the people” seize this moment to come together, starting person to person.  Only together can we spark a great awakening that will forge a new tomorrow for America and form “a more perfect union” that can truly benefit the entire human family.

Bishop Dr. Paul Murray, Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church

Bishop Dr. Paul Murray, Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church.

The Need in This Hour

Millersville, MD

“The need in this hour is to move beyond petty politics and derisive optics.  We, a people of faith and conscience are being challenged in this very hour. As the world watches and all of heaven stands in silence, there is an urgency in the spirit, a calling for a renewal, a reawakening if you may, to be reconnected to the Spirit of God.” READ MORE


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N.J. police chief carries banner, helps lead march in peaceful protest of George Floyd killing

Camden, NJ

Yolanda Deaver is a small business owner and mom that marched side-by-side with her town’s citizens, government representatives, and law enforcement when she helped organize a peaceful protest calling for a change in America inspired by the heartbreaking death of George Floyd. READ MORE


People holding posters

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We all want to see a better world

Warsaw, VA

Jaye Gaines stood alone on a college campus, suddenly struck with the inspiration to peacefully bring awareness to the tragedy of George Floyd’s death and hope for change in the nation. Eleven other peaceful activists soon joined with their own signs. READ MORE


Organizer of “Prayerful Protest” in Brooklyn James T. Roberson III, lead pastor at Bridge Church NYC, Photo Credit: RNS Roxanne Stone

Peaceful church protest in Brooklyn brings disruption, blessing and a call for change

Brooklyn, NY

Thousands of pastors, community leaders, and citizens walked together in a “prayerful protest,” joining together more than eighty New York City churches in a march to bring awareness to the violence against black Americans, sparked by the death of George Floyd. READ MORE

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