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Ms. Rana Taha

United Nations Coordinators Office in Kenya

Ms. Rana Taha

Ms. Rana Taha has over 19 years of international UN experience in headquarters and the field. Serving in different UN positions with Agencies, Peace Operations, and Headquarters, she was responsible for the design and management of various peacebuilding interventions as well as the provision of integrated analysis and advice to guide UN programs on prevention and conflict sensitivity. Ms. Taha served in Geneva, Amman, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Khartoum, Darfur, Naqoura, Beirut, Damascus, and NYC where she covered different files including Western Sahara and Libya. At the beginning of this year, she joined the UN team in Nairobi as the UN’s Peace and Development Advisor in Kenya. Influenced by her wide UN experience, Ms. Taha has focused on strengthening the links between credible analysis and sustaining peace interventions as well as the prioritization of national perspectives and local voices into her work. 


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