Mr. Aziz Kafeero

Mr. Aziz Kafeero


Kafeero Foundation

Mr. Aziz Kafeero is a social entrepreneur, innovator, business strategist, investment advisor, and lateral thinker, who has helped thousands of young people in Africa learn about innovation and inspire them to build sustainable businesses.

He is the founder of Kafeero foundation which is a platform for digital literacy and incubation, Also a co-founder of Mfano Design Lab an African business design and strategy firm. He has also invested in low-income community startups.

He has been a business mentor, coach, and motivational speaker on different youth panels in the last 5 years. He believes that the experiences available through Kafeero Foundation and Mfano Design Lab will stimulate new discoveries, increase capacity, broaden opportunities for inclusion, celebrate innovation and capitalize on both collective and individual learning so that ultimately community collaboration becomes the default approach to social change in Uganda and Africa.