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Dr. Rosa Rai Djalal

Dr. Rosa Rai Djalal

Dr. Rosa Rai Dialal is the President of the Muslim Women’s Association. She is also the Founder and President of the Indonesia-US Women’s Council. Dr. Rosa Raj Djalal is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and humanitarian, the Indonesian Ambassador’s spouse, with great passion to advocate for her country and for women everywhere who are seeking greater opportunities. Dr. Djalal spent two years volunteering in third-world villages on the Thousand Islands, after she received her degree in Dentistry from the University of Indonesia. Her time helping and serving women in economically-low populations, drove Dr. Djalal to explore ways of helping her fellow Indonesian women nurture their dreams of improving their lives and those of their families and communities. In this endeavor, Dr. Djalal launched the Indonesia-U.S. Women’s Council to promote women’s economic and civic participation, recognizing that investing in women has a transformative economic impact that serves as a force for democratization, stabilization and innovation.




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