To respond to the major technological, political, economic and cultural shifts taking place around the world, societies need to reflect upon and articulate their core values and create shared agreements based upon universal, spiritual principles. Values such as liberty, prosperity and integrity need to be guided by such principles and affirmed and supported by the moral authorities of the different faith traditions. In this session, religious and spiritual leaders will discuss the development of a global ethical framework and ways in which spiritual principles can promote the values of liberty, prosperity and integrity for the wider global community.

Moderator: Mr. James Patton Executive Vice President, International Center for Religion and Diplomacy

  • H.E. Jaime Paz Zamora Former President of Bolivia
  • Dr. Robert A. Schuller Chairman, Comstar Media, United States
  • Dr. Marsudi Syuhud General Secretary, Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia
  • Dr. Paul Mojzes Professor of Religious Studies, Rosemont College, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Dr. Kyungro Yoon Former President, Hansung University, Republic of Korea