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Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery that debases our common humanity. The Global Peace Convention is a unique opportunity to explore new approaches and partnerships to end this form of abuse. Combating human trafficking requires a comprehensive, multidisciplinary effort that includes coordination among government agencies, law enforcement, victim outreach, public awareness and education, and immigration oversight. This session will present an overview of human trafficking globally, assess the human trafficking situation in Paraguay, and present strategies –including the roles of faith communities and faith-based organizations–that have been successfully implemented in other countries.

Moderator: Ms. Gail Hambleton Vice President, Global Peace Foundation USA

  • Ms. Diann Dawson Former Director of Regional Operations, US Dept of Health & Human Services – Administration for Children & Families, United States
  • Ms. Teresa Martinez Fiscal Coordinator of the Specialized Unit against Human Trafficking of the Public Ministry, Paraguay
  • Ms. Ana Luisa Cody Senior Manager, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, United States