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How can communities support families and nurture integrity and creativity in youth to position them for success in civic life? The importance of strong families as the foundation for peace and social cohesion has been recognized throughout history among all cultures. The family is the primary environment where children mature in character and heart through
the affirmation and guidance of mothers and fathers. This session will explore how moral leadership within families is a prerequisite to developing healthy families, as well as the ethics which define the boundaries of personal conduct in public life.

Moderator: Mr. Alan J. Inman President, GPF-USA

  • H.E. Gustavo Noboa Former President of Ecuador
  • Dr. Carlos Alvarez Cozzi Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, University Professor, Uruguay
  • Dr. Juan Maria Carron Vice President, Paraguayan Association of Population Studies (ADEPO)
  • Ms. Collette Caprara Editor, Family Issues, Heritage Foundation
  • Dr. Yuri Mantilla Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law, United States