Seoul Peace Vigil Calls for Reunification

Global Peace Foundation
July 19, 2017

A Peace Vigil held in Gwanghwamun Square on June 25 in Seoul, Korea commemorated the outbreak of the Korean War over sixty-seven years ago with a demonstration of support for reunification.

The ceremony included a Korean Drum performance and presentations by singers Young Sil Kim and Catherine Lee, songs by the Children Korean Traditional Music Chorus, pianist Kiwon Shin, violinist Hyung Joon Won, and musical team WE. Singer and North Korean defector Yeon Hee Kim also offered a heartfelt song.

The global campaign to reunify One Korea is gaining traction on an international stage. As demonstrated by students in Global Peace Youth’s One Korea Camp, the dream for Korean reunification will have global implications for the safety and prosperity of all.

Read more on the Peace Vigil and efforts being made today for reunification of the Korean peninsula.

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