Peacesharing Forum

Organized by the Global Peace Foundation and Co-operation Ireland, a Belfast-based peacebuilding organization, the Peacesharing Forum addresses peacebuilding and education as related disciplines in fostering peaceful societies and raising future responsible citizens.

While local and regional conflicts can have many root causes, dialogue, relationship building, and trust-building are needed in the process of moving from conflict to peace. The Peacesharing Forum identifies four distinct phases in this process including:

  • Peacekeeping, a process of separating antagonists through agencies such as UN peacekeepers
  • Peacemaking, or diplomatic efforts to resolve differences
  • Peacebuilding, such as post-conflict efforts by government and civil society stakeholders to resolve root causes and bring lasting reconciliation
  • Peacesharing, a process to impart lessons from the experiences of resolving conflict in different political and social contexts

Peacesharing Forum

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