Paraguay Vice President Signs ‘Ratification of the Democratic Process’ Declaration

Eric Olsen
May 26, 2011

Paraguayan VP Federico Franco signs the “Ratification of the Democratic Process” Declaration.

Paraguayan Vice President Federico Franco signs the “Ratification of the Democratic Process” Declaration on May 25, which was originally presented at the GPF-hosted Bicentennial celebration in Asuncion on May 6. The declaration was signed by 3 former presidents, along with a number of former vice presidents, presidents of the National Congress, presidents of the Supreme Court, and other national leaders of modern, democratic Paraguay.

At left is Dr. Jose Altamirano, director of the GPF Institute (IDPPS) and at right is Dr. Cano Radil, another institute member. The vice president also agreed to attend the Latin America Summit meeting that the Global Peace Festival Foundation is organizing in Brazil later this year.

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