Paraguay Congress Honors GPF

Eric Olsen
May 6, 2011

GPF received a special award from the National Congress for activities in character education and social service.

The Global Peace Foundation in Paraguay received a special award May 5, 2011, from the National Congress in recognition of its many activities in the areas of character education and social service. The award was presented during a Bicentennial Ceremony at the National Congress to GPF Paraguay president Thomas Field, by Congressman Victor Bogado, president of the Honorable Chamber of Congress, and Dionisio Ortega, president of congressional commission for education and culture.

The beautiful plaque reads (English translation):

The National Congress of Paraguay awarded the GPF Paraguay a special award

National Congress of the Republic
Honorable Chamber of Congressmen 

Acknowledgment awarded to Global Peace Foundation
“One Family Under God”

For its support of the promotion and restoration of values in the formative education of children, youth, and families in Paraguayan society and for the development of a culture of peace.  We bestow this acknowledgment on the occasion of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of the Nation of Paraguay, celebrated in the Bicameral Salon of the Honorable National Congress.

Asuncion, May 5 2011


National Congressman Dionisio Ortega 
President of Congressional Commission on Education and Culture

National Congressman Victor Alcides Bogado 
President of the Honorable Chamber of Congress

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