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The current conflict on the Korean peninsula has impacted security, development, and stability not only for North and South Korea but also Northeast Asia and the world. How the Koreans and the global community approach the peaceful reunification of the Koreas and build sustainable solutions for peace and prosperity in this region can serve as a model for other nations and regions.

Since 2010 the Global Peace Foundation has been promoting international support for Korean-led peaceful unification, envisioning a free and unified Korea that is nuclear-free and upholds freedom, democratic values, the rule of law, and human rights as an urgent, not a distant goal, based on the shared identity and cultural heritage of the Korean people.

Approach for Reunification


GPF Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon published Korean Dream: A Vision for a Unified Korea in 2014. The book presents the division of Korea in historical context and outlines a groundbreaking approach for reunification that transcends the Cold War division, and places Korea’s destiny not as a struggle of great powers but in the hands of the Korean people. The Korean Dream looks to the ancient Korean ethos of Hongik Ingan, or “living for the greater benefit of humanity,” as a guiding principle to build a Korea that can benefit the world.

In 2020, a Centennial Edition of the Korean Dream was published in English and Korean, updated with a new section chronicling the ongoing work around the world since the publication of the first edition. The Global Peace Foundation applies this comprehensive, vision-based approach to the resolution of long-standing Korean peninsula issues.

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