NEWSIS Reports “the Minister of Unification, the Ruling and Opposition Parties Participate in the Unification Song”

Global Peace Foundation
September 18, 2015

The New Era Unification Campaign’s song “One Dream One Korea” where Yongpyo Hong, Minister of Unification, Musong Kim, Representative of Saenuri Party and Jaein Moon, from The New Politics Alliance for Democracy participated was released on September 18 at 6pm.

The music video and song were released through Soribada and start with the lyrics “We are no different. Please don’t forget that fact.” At the recording studio, Rep Musong Kim mentioned that “Reunification is the true way for a bright recovery.” Rep Jaein Moon commented “A reunified Korea will start with economic reunification” and Minister Yongpyo Hong “Our wish is to have One Korea.”

They recorded the song with K-Pop stars like EXO, Wonder Girls, AOA and EXID.

“One Dream One Korea” was created as part of The New Era of Unification Song Campaign organized by 1100 civic organization both domestic and abroad. The song aims to raise people’s desire for reunification, especially the divided 3 generations, the 1020 generation.

Eana Kim wrote the lyrics for the song.


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