Mr. Donald Bodzo and Ms. Elaine Hurt Speak on Community Development (Dec. 6th)

December 6, 2013
Global Peace Foundation

Date: Dec. 6th 2013
Topic: Community Development
Session: Holistic Human Development — A Value-Based Planning and Management Model

Mr. Donald Bodzo and Ms. Elaine Wacuka Hurt of the Global Peace Foundation’s Alllights Village Project speak about community development and community mapping guidelines.

The session will discuss a comprehensive approach to human development as a values-based planning and management model. Session panelists will highlight several practical and innovative ways to implement holistic approaches in programs such as the Alllights Village Project, and other exemplary cross-cultural models. The model emphasizes local ownership of the decision-making process; commitment of local resources; participation of all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, or gender; inclusion of traditional, indigenous knowledge; and understanding that community development is a long-term process. Participants will be encouraged to build on their own strengths and capacities to promote sustainable social and economic development of their communities.

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