Mongolia Forum on Northeast Asian Peaceful Development and Korean Unification

Eric Olsen
August 10, 2023

The Mongolia Forum on Northeast Asian Peaceful Development and Korean Unification convened on June 20-24, 2023, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to explore Mongolia’s role as a developing, non-aligned, democratic nation in the region.

Mongolian and South Korean parliamentarians, international diplomats, and Korea experts examined lessons of Mongolia’s experience since its peaceful separation from the Soviet bloc in early 1990, transition to a market economy, and adoption of a new constitution in 1992.

Commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of Mongolia’s nuclear-weapon-free status, the forum underscored the significance of the nation’s peaceful relations with neighboring countries. The forum hosted dedicated sessions on the role of economy and tourism for Northeast Asia peace and development and on strategies and prospects to advance a free and united Korea.  Mongolia enjoys peaceful relations with both North and South Korea, as well as China, Russia, Japan, and the United States and thus can play a significant diplomatic role in advancing peace in the region.

An additional session, Mongolia Youth Leadership Forum “Moral and Innovative Entrepreneurship,” engaged leading NGOs and youth advocates in developing strategies to build entrepreneurial opportunities in Mongolia and beyond.

Ecological crisis

Desertification is a growing crisis in Northeast Asia,  affecting an estimated 75 percent of Mongolia’s territory. Desertification threatens the nation’s food and water security, as well as the livelihood of Mongolia’s nomadic herders. As part of its commitment to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, Mongolia launched the One Billion Tree movement in 2022, and forum participants and international volunteers mobilized to support these goals by planting trees to counter the relentless advance of desert over Mongolia’s steppes and grasslands.

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