Mentoring the Innovators and Leaders of Tomorrow

Eric Olsen
August 1, 2013

Character and Creativity Initiative’s (CCI) latest endeavor, a mentoring program called Leap Hubs, “Entrepreneurship & Leadership Incubators in Schools”, was started in the spring of 2013.

The program is centered around the partnerships between GPF Kenya, Africa Nazarene University and schools such as Moi Forces Academy, Buru-Buru Girls’ Secondary School and Alliance High School.

Through the newly established mentorship program, CCI aims to nurture the creativity, character and innovation of the youth of today to prepare them as the leaders of tomorrow. No matter how young, or where they come from, the youth are being equipped and empowered to make a difference and overcome adversity.

With the core belief that “high school and university students are capable of learning successful leadership and entrepreneurship skills at a young age for economic independence, self-reliance and social impact for themselves and the larger community,” Leap Hubs is providing safe and positive “Hubs” where relationships and ideas can flourish. Universities, businesses and community organizations mentor the students to ensure their entrepreneurial advancement.

Leap Hubs, work to harness the passion and creativity of individuals like 17-year-old Brian Kirotich and 18-year-old Martin Siele of Alliance High School in Kiambu County, Kenya. Both worked tirelessly together, investing their own time and money to create a program, eMasomo.  A program which they hope will be used as an educational aid throughout their school and hopefully the nation.

Stephen Njoroge has been dubbed, “Mattai’s successor.” Although he is only 12, Stephen lead his We Care Club to plant over 10,000 trees to better the environment, displaying a true sense of ownership of his community and environment. His efforts were recognized in 2011 at the UN International Day of Peace.

The CCI program is boosting academic performance and morale throughout the African nations of Kenya and Uganda as well as the Latin American nation of Paraguay.  According to CCI intern, Susanne while, “understanding self-awareness from an early age is significant as an ability to take a person to the top [character] keeps the person there.”  By empowering youth and educators alike to believe in their potential, individuals are working harder to improve themselves and their skill sets as citizens of their community.

The work of CCI reaches beyond the classroom to ready the future leaders of business, politics, education, humanities and media with character and creativity. In the words of Global Peace Education Director, Dr. Tony Devine, “A person’s character quotient plus creativity quotient  exceeds their intelligent quotient.”

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