Launching of New Korea Reunification Song Featured in the Korea Times

Global Peace Foundation
May 3, 2017

The One-K Global Campaign Organizing Committee held a concert featuring K-pop stars in Manila as part of its global campaign. The Action for Korea United (AKU), an NGO alliance consisting of over 800 Korean civil society organizations, launched the committee in 2015 with the aim of creating a cultural platform that seeks reunification support from citizens around the world.

Using music to unite people across the world, Jimmy Jam described his passion for the reunification movement telling The Korea Times, “In every country, really around the world, at some point, there is separation in some way… The idea of reunifying could be about family members who lost their way or could be unifying friends who got into an argument with each other. It could be at a very basic level. It’s really about just coming together and reuniting. That theme, to me, is a very universal one.”

Read the full story on The Korea Times.


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