Latin American Forum of Ideas promotes dialogue for a future of peace

Eddy Simaj
August 31, 2023
A group of people standing in front of a banner promoting dialogue for a future of peace at the Latin American Forum of Ideas.

Official photo of the inauguration of the Latin American Forum of Ideas of the Latin American Presidential Mission.

Asunción, Paraguay – In a historic event that marked a milestone for the region, the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) is proud to have been one of the partnering organizations in the recent Latin American Forum of Ideas (FLI), promoted by the Latin American Presidential Mission (LAPM).

This prominent gathering brought together former Presidents Juan Carlos Wasmosy and Luis Ángel González Macchi from Paraguay; Vinicio Cerezo from Guatemala; Luis Alberto Lacalle from Uruguay; Ernesto Samper from Colombia; Carlos Mesa Gibert from Bolivia; Jamil Mahuad from Ecuador; Eduardo Duhalde from Argentina; Rafael Ángel Calderón, Carlos Alvarado, and Laura Chinchilla from Costa Rica; Ernesto Pérez Balladares from Panama; Sebastián Piñera and Eduardo Frei from Chile; Vicente Fox from Mexico; and featured the distinguished participation of the current President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo, and the President-Elect, Santiago Peña, to discuss critical issues and seek concrete solutions to promote progress and peace in the region.

With a strong conviction that a promising future can only be built through dialogue and collaboration, the FLI served as a space for political leaders with diverse visions but a common goal: the well-being of the Latin American people.

A man and a woman, dressed elegantly, engage in dialogue at the Latin American Forum of Ideas.

Mr. Thomas Field and Mrs. Olinda Salguero, during the inauguration of the FLI.

Mr. Thomas Field, the representative of GPF in Latin America, assures that: “We are not unaware that, due to ideological and political diversity, many of us in this very place may occasionally be distant from each other.” “But far from being a concern, on the contrary, we believe that this valuable plurality is a stimulus to seek points of convergence that allow us to work for the good of our nations.”

For Olinda Salguero, who directs the MPL and represents the Global Peace Foundation in Central America, politics matters, and the ideas that shape it matter even more. “We are at a turning point as humanity, from democratic regression, populism, and polarization, to global warming and the advancement of artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, Latin America, with its political diversity, must not only position itself better but also make better use of our potential,” she highlights in her speech.

A platform for the exchange of ideas

A group of people sitting on a stage engaged in dialogue at the Latin American Forum of Ideas.

International experts discussed the challenges of peace, education, and culture in Latin America.

The meeting also brought together international experts with extensive experience in public management, who shared their visions on various issues facing the region. The thematic axes included democratic governance, sustainable development, social equity, quality education, health, and the environment, among others. The diversity of perspectives enriched the debates and allowed for the identification of common points to develop a comprehensive and multidisciplinary agenda.

The forum also aimed to provide opportunities for dialogue among different generations of leaders, enabling young people and women to participate in discussions and present their ideas and proposals. The inclusion of youth and women in decision-making is a fundamental pillar for building more just and prosperous societies.

The pursuit of joint solutions

During the forum, participants expressed their commitment to peace, democracy, and prosperity in Latin America. The importance of seeking joint solutions to regional challenges was emphasized, overcoming political differences and uniting efforts for the benefit of all citizens.

The Global Peace Foundation fully supports this initiative as it promotes the spirit of cooperation and joint building to achieve moral and innovative development. It is essential to recognize that the problems facing Latin America require a shared vision and collaborative work from all stakeholders involved.

The commitment to peace and prosperity

The Global Peace Foundation is proud to have been part of this unprecedented forum, where leaders from different countries and political backgrounds came together to dialogue and seek solutions to the challenges affecting the region.

We reiterate our commitment to peace, justice, and prosperity in Latin America, and we will continue working together with the Latin American Presidential Mission and other partner organizations to build a more hopeful future for all citizens of the region.

The Latin American Forum of Ideas has been a significant step towards a more united and resilient Latin America, capable of facing future challenges and forging a future of progress and well-being for its people. GPF will continue to promote spaces for dialogue and collaboration to foster peace and prosperity worldwide.

To learn what the former presidents said, read the press release from the Latin American Presidential Mission HERE.

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