Kagoro Humanitarian Aid

Global Peace Foundation
March 6, 2024

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria worked alongside the Kagoro Peace and Reconciliation Committee to provide much-needed aid to the Sakong community. The formation of the committee is a direct result of years of peacebuilding efforts facilitated by GPF Nigeria and in a recent evaluation, communities requested both humanitarian support and encouragement from community leaders for sustainable development in critical areas.

The head of Sakong village worked alongside representatives of the peace and reconciliation committee and GPF Nigeria to deliver bags of rice and speak to the community. Mr. Abdul Ahmed from GPF Nigeria gave his own remarks after hearing community testimonials, underscoring the transformative potential of collaborative efforts, laying a foundation for enduring positive change.

“On behalf of the Country Director Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, I extend sincere gratitude for the privilege to support the resilient Sakong community,” said Ahmed, “Our provision of humanitarian aid, including three 50kg bags of rice, stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering peace and unity. Let us harness this opportunity to build a brighter future together, overcoming adversity with resilience and solidarity. Your strength inspires us, and we pledge continued support in your journey towards sustainable development.”

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