Joy Florentino-Remigio Pioneers Community Driven Development in Philippines

Eric Olsen
March 10, 2014

In the Philippines, over 30,000 remote villages don’t have access to electricity. This absence of power and light means more than just living in the dark. The consequences affect safety, health, stability and education

For Joy Florentino-Remigio, Program Manager of All-Lights Village Project, All-Lights is much greater than a simple project. It is a holistic community development movement-strengthening self-reliance, community relations and increasing growth opportunities while improving the culture.

Joy and her staff bring this culture into partnering villages. To them, the partnering villages are family. During the Global Peace Convention 2013, Joy shared her inspiration for the work she does: the vision of ‘One Family under God’. For Joy, this vision is starting point of the villages’ growth into beautiful communities. Joy believes that the dream of a universal family, where the best interest of the greater good is a priority, is the bedrock for communities that live in harmony with each other, where children have access to the best educations and opportunities, and where villages have stewardship for their environment.

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) brings a unique approach to development that preserved the cultural values of each community. GPF’s emphasis on engaging local families and leadership is the foundation for GPF’s development models dubbed Community-Driven Development. Charles Phillips-Executive Director of All-Lights Village Project explains by putting the family at the center it creates a transformative community culture where individuals value “placing the benefit of the whole before narrow self-interest.”

Joy Florentino-Remigio in action.

Joy explained that the All-Lights Village Project is a tool, a stepping stone. The hope is to empower the villages to become model communities where peace and development are substantial and sustainable.

While the initial projects are greatly funded and supported by Global Peace Foundation-Korea, Joy and Global Peace Foundation-Philippines are hoping to inspire local business support. The desire is to engage local community leaders in revitalizing the remote communities that All Lights touches.

Through continued and expanding international and local partnerships, Joy is hopeful that All-Lights Village will transform the communities that it engages. Joy and the Global Peace Foundation-Philippines team see a bright future with holistic development that preserves the environment, brings economic development, while honoring and cultivating the values of each community.

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