International Forum on One Korea 2023 Held in Seoul, South Korea

Global Peace Foundation
October 2, 2023

The two key documents from the historic Biden-Yoon-Kishida trilateral summit, the Camp David Principles and Spirit of Camp David, both stated “support a unified Korean Peninsula that is free and at peace”. The previous Biden-Yoon summit yielded the same statement. Clearly the Free and Unified Korea agenda has become a major priority of the Yoon administration and now the trilateral cooperation is garnering international support. At the same time, the deteriorating security conditions, decreasing popular support especially among the youth in South Korea, continuing Ukraine War, intensifying US-China geopolitical confrontation, and sobering worldwide economic setbacks and uncertainty could inhibit efforts toward unification, but should make this agenda all the more urgent.

This timely forum convenes prominent experts, policymakers, journalists, and civil society leaders from Korea and the international community to build stronger and broader international support for a free and unified Korea as the ultimate and permanent solution to the security and human rights crises, and a catalyst for regional and global peace and development.

The International Forum on One Korea is organized in conjunction with the “Korean Dream Festa 2023”, a celebration of Korea’s National Foundation Day on October 3. The festival will mobilize 100,000 civil society activists and leaders (from the peninsula and the global diaspora) in Seoul and other cities leading to a global campaign of 10 million in 2025.

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