IDPPS convenes International Conference on Governance, Ethics and Development

Eric Olsen
June 10, 2013

Asunción, Paraguay is a fitting venue for the international conference on “Governance, Ethics and Development” convened by the Instituto de Desarrollo del Pensamiento Patria Sonada (IDPPS), a Paraguay-based think-tank that has advised and initiated numerous projects to promote good governance.

“Governance, Ethics and Development” Conference in Asunción, Paraguay

Over the past year, the international community anxiously watched as Paraguay seemed to struggle to transition from its former presidency. However, in April, Paraguay held peaceful and transparent elections, proving itself a legitimate democratic government.

With this backdrop, the conference will convene former heads of states from Central and South America as well as international, political, media and business leaders to deliberate on the importance of ethics in developing good governance for political and social stability, as well as social integration and social development. Select session will focus on the role of responsible business, particularly trade and investment for sustainable development.

The conference opens on the evening of June 10th and will conclude on June 11th.

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