Hyun Jin Moon, Chairman of Global Peace Foundation, “Paraguay, The Land of Opportunities”

Eric Olsen
June 19, 2014

Korean Economic Daily covered the International Symposium on Paraguay-Korea. The Korean news outlet also interviewed Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Chairman of the Global Peace Foundation, where Dr. Moon encouraged Korean investment in Paraguay.

For the original article visit: Paraguay— The Land of Opportunities 

Korean Economic Daily (06-19-2014)

Hyun Jin Moon Chairman of GPF, “Paraguay— The Land of Opportunities”

“With a return of just 5% in Korea, Korean companies are going through tough times. But if you move to developing nations like Paraguay, you could see returns of many times more, maybe even hundreds of times their investment. “

On June 18, I had an interview with Hyun Jin Moon (45), Chairman of GPF (The Global Peace Foundation) at the Bourbon Hotel in Paraguay. The third son of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon founded the nonprofit organization in 2007 GPF, and works with consulting and educational initiatives in developing countries to address political, economic, and social issues. Especially in Paraguay, he has founded the think-tank “Institute Soñada Patria” (IDPPS) consisting of current and former ministers and civil servants to create strategies and a roadmap for national development.  On June 17th, José Vega – Paraguay Minister of Planning for Economic and Social Development, Carlos Valdovinos – President of Central Bank of Paraguay, and Korea’s Woohyun Cho – Former Vice-Minister of Construction and Transportation and Haklae Son – Former President of Korea Expressway Corporation joined others for a symposium to discussion building an alliance between Korea and Paraguay.

Dr. Moon emphasized to the Korean capital investment companies and businesses that Paraguay’s markets are no longer “dangerous.”  He explained “When I visited Paraguay in 2008, the U.S. State Department officially listed Paraguay as a nation to which to avoid travelling,” but “this visit, the nation has transformed into a nation with great potential for development.”  He continued. “Due to inexpensive energy prices, wages, and other factors, Paraguay is attracting surrounding nations like Brazil and Argentina,” and “automobile parts companies affiliated with Hyundai Motor Corporation has been established here in Paraguay and other Korean and Japanese companies are moving in quickly.”

However, he warned that “If Korean companies only look for short term gains, this could become “exploitative capitol” which is more dangerous,” and thus, “the way to lower risk is to think strategically from a long term perspective about how to coexist with the local society.”  To accomplish this, Dr. Moon has been working with Paraguay’s political leaders to end illiteracy, provide education on the values of democracy, and invest in other activities.  At the same time, Dr. Moon has been reducing social conflicts through activities such as bringing the children of influential leaders to explore regions of extreme poverty in the Northeast Paraguay. Dr. Moon pointed out that “it is important for the majority of the citizens to be aware of freedom, equality and human rights and agree to the fundamental principles of democracy and a market economy.  The reason Paraguay experienced much political instability in its past is because feudalistic mentality from the Middle Ages still remains.”

 Journalist Hiuneal Lee from Asuncion (Paraguay) [email protected]

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