How Mongolia Can Help Unite the Koreas (Korea Insights #7)

Global Peace Foundation
July 10, 2020

Global Peace Foundation works with our distinguished partners around the world to support the reunification of the Korean peninsula. We believe that peace and prosperity within the Korean peninsula and East Asia are not secured by unification alone, but will be equally determined by the vision of what kind of nation a new unified Korea will become for the world. On such a basis, our primary mission is to provide a vision that could not only move the global community to work toward Korean unification but also to suggest a framework so a new unified Korea can become a positive ally in development and peace for the global society.

The Korea Insight series invites experts and activists to discuss the current critical issues surrounding Korea and Korean unification.

In this interview, we introduce Ambassador Jargalsaikhan Enksaikan, Chairman of Blue Banner. He shares about the important role Mongolia has in the geopolitics of Northeast Asia. Mongolia can be a great partner for a united Korea with their experience of transitioning from communism to a democratic system and is currently a nuclear-weapon-free zone.


0:21 Introduction
1:41 History of Mongolia’s relation with Russia and China and how it can inform policymakers’ approach toward the issues regarding two Koreas.
6:01 How can Mongolia’s example influence the work being done in the Korean Peninsula?
16:10 Mongolia’s role in North-South Korea relations and unification
24:24 What is the way forward towards a resolution on the issue of the Korean peninsula?
28.37 Mongolia’s positive impact on peace of Northeast Asia
30:55 Economic opportunities that Unified Korea can offer to Mongolia and Asia
31:16 Mongolia and Korea connections
33:08 The role of civil society in Korean unification

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