GPYouth Show Small Actions Can Make a Big Difference

Naomi Yakawich
June 22, 2015

It is common knowledge that hype to provide international support to countries affected by natural disasters often taper off over time even though a desperate need still remains. It has been months after Nepal’s massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that left many without loved ones, shelter, medical supplies, and many other basic human needs. Nepal begins to face the monsoon season with the financial support and manpower of Rise Nepal’s Shelter of Hope and the love and support from people around the world.

 “It’s about the little things we change that make a big impact.” -Takae Goto (Global Peace Youth, United States)

Over the weekend, Global Peace Youth USA concluded its 21-day campaign for Rise Nepal. Students and young leaders from across the United States used social media to send encouraging messages to the dedicated volunteers assisting families recovering from Nepal’s most recent earthquakes.

One student shared her experience with the Rise Nepal campaign in her school saying, “I saw my peers serve in little ways that went a long way to inspire their friends in the cafeteria and also our friends across the country when we started posting on Facebook. This little event started a change reaction within the high schools. And I guess at the end of the day, it’s about the little things we change that make a big impact, like our attitude and motivation.”

Meadowdale Environmental Club President Kensu Bates

A local Washington high school Environmental Club President, Kensu Bates, talked about why he decided to bring the campaign to his school saying how important it is to have someone behind you to lend a word of encouragement. “I want to say that I am very grateful for all the volunteers helping in Nepal and also that we are all still thinking about you. Stay strong. To all the young leaders out there I want to say that it is really important to put others before yourself and that having the right mind set is the very key to helping everyone be successful.”

Hike for Nepal climbs Mount Si in Washington state.

In support of the efforts for Rise Nepal’s Shelter of Hope, university graduates from the states of Washington and Montana created a campaign to Hike for Nepal in order to raise funds for the semi-permanent housing. One hiking volunteer explained her reason for participating in Hike for Nepal, saying, “Nature teaches us things about ourselves as individuals and as one human family that are beautiful and terrifying. It reflects the pain, strength, and courage of all people, from the summit of Mount Everest to the streams and deserts to the darkest depth of any ocean. Nature doesn’t care where you come from or what you believe in. It will treat you the same as every person on Earth. How we react to the circumstances of our natural environment; that reflects who we are. We experience natural disasters around the world no matter where we are, but when we choose to stand together, reach out a loving hand to people we’ve never met because we simply care, that is what defines us.” Each Hike for Nepal conducted by these volunteers raised $120, enough for one semi-permanent shelter, during GPYouth’s 21-day campaign.

Four colorful heart-shaped notes with handwritten messages of encouragement and support.

Messages for Nepal

The campaign may be over, but GPYouth will continue to share the love with our brothers and sisters of Nepal throughout the challenging rehabilitation period ahead and help Nepal rise and shine once again.

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