GPF Paraguay Hosts International Day of Friendship with Community Friends and Neighbors

Eric Olsen
August 7, 2011

Discussions for self-discoveryMore than 200 people from the surroundng community of the Asunción headquarters of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Paraguay gathered on July 30 to celebrate the International Day of Friendship, an initiative started in Paraguay that was recently recognized by the United Nations.

During the festivities, Asunción Mayor Sr. Arnaldo Samaniego officially opened Guarania Street, the “new” main street of the neighborhood, which was recently paved for the first time at the request of the Global Peace Foundation.

Attending with members of his cabinet, the mayor emphasized the relevance of the Day of Friendship and thanked GPF Paraguay for its contributions for peace, both nationally and internationally.

The mayor also held a private meeting with GPF-Paraguay President Thomas Field to discuss the feasibility of various cooperative agreements with the municipality of Asuncion.

Discussions for self-discoveryOne agreement currently under study is for a 99-year grant of municipal land to GPF-Paraguay for the purpose of making a public park. Another is for the GPF think-tank Instituto del Desarrollo del Pensamiento Patria Soñadato to work with the city government to monitor and advise on matters of efficiency and transparency.

The event included activities for children sponsored by the Youth and Sports Department of Asunción, and vaccinations and other basic services provided by health care professionals.  Police officers from the Department of Identifications and volunteer firefighters also attended the event, which strengthened bonds of friendship with the neighborhood.

Asuncion Paraguay event collage

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