GPF Kenya Supports ‘Whole-Student’ Education

Emiko Perea
April 23, 2021

The Great Places to School Initiative works to improve the quality of education in Kenya schools through regular evaluations that focus on school culture and the development of the “whole student.” Led by the Global Peace Foundation in collaboration with education leaders, the program engages 25 schools, which began an evaluation process in January 2021.

Both small and large private institutions that demonstrate excellence in terms of school culture will be recognized in an award ceremony scheduled for later in the year. The initiative aims to bring attention and focus to character building and creativity alongside the traditional focus on academic achievements. Awards will recognize schools in a variety of categories, including co-curricular activity and sports, safety and security, career development, and character and creativity.

One representative from a school currently undergoing the evaluation process expressed appreciation for the program, saying, “I must say we are happy with the [initiative] and how GPF has been on the front line in promoting quality learning in Kenya.”

On January 20, GPF Kenya also began engaging teachers from LEAP Hub schools (a Leadership and Entrepreneurship program) to undergo training on the online ‘myEOD’ platform. The resources from myEOD provide students with access to a variety of online educational resources. Thirty teachers are scheduled to undergo this training on both the educational platform itself as well as the learning management system. This will give teachers access to educational resources to share with their students as well as enhance his or her own computer skills.

“We are happy with the [initiative] and how GPF has been on the front line in promoting quality learning in Kenya.”

These ongoing GPF initiatives in Kenya encourage schools and educators to create holistic learning environments for students and their families. Through this, all of society benefits from the individual student, to their families, the school and the larger community.

Learn more about these and other GPF programs in Kenya.

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