GPF India Celebrates International Day of Peace

Emiko Perea
October 10, 2021

To commemorate the 2021 International Day of Peace, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) India invited young people to visit the Lotus Temple, a Baha’i House of Worship in New Delhi, to pray for world peace and healing.

Aligning with the 2021 theme, “Recovering Better for a Sustainable and Equitable World,” the group offered prayers for the people suffering from COVID-19 and its aftermath.

They learned about Baha’i activities in India, including Youth and Children Animation Programs, Baha’i education that integrated values and modern subjects, and peace services at the temple. The group also visited the Information Center and Museum at Lotus Temple to learn more about the temple, the Baha’i Faith, and other religions.

“The entire session and experience was enthralling, enlightening, and full of curiosity,” shared Sunit, a participant. “Meeting the torchbearers of the House of Worship (Lotus Temple), and sharing their learnings and insights was nothing less than a dive into the ocean of Values and Wisdom. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the World Peace Day celebration with GPF and to understand the meaning of peace from a different light.”

During the virtual session, Dhruba Prasad Lamicchane introduced Global Peace Foundation’s peacebuilding approach. Other speakers described activities organized by GPF India and Youth Club, and independent projects such as Project Anitya and Vidya Connect. 

“It was a really good session. I am extremely happy to be part of it. It is very exciting to know the work of GPF India and its efforts towards peacebuilding,” said Jyotishmita Das. “I hope through our Youth Club we will be able to establish the same impact on the people and the society.”

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