Global Peace Youth Corps Sponsors Leadership Seminar for a ‘Prosperous Nepal’

Eric Olsen
November 14, 2011

A participant signing up for a 3-day leadership program on environmental awareness.

More than thirty participants attended a three-day leadership, environmental awareness and peace seminar on November 10-12, 2011on the theme “Moral, Innovative and Responsible Leadership are the Foundation for a Prosperous Nepal.” Jointly hosted by Global Peace Association-Nepal, Global Peace Youth Corps-Nepal, and the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Local Development, the  program also raised some 2,700 rupees  and collected 1,700 books to support a local library project.

On November 11, GPYC-Nepal organized a lecture competition on the topic “The Role of Nepalese Youth to Uplift the Nation from Third World to First World.” Judges Mr. Milan Paudel and Mr. Umesh Adhikari awarded the first place to Ms. Pratiba Panta, with Ms. Pramanda Poudel and Ms. Panisha Mishra receiving second and third place, respectively. Speaking at the competition, Mr. Ram Prasad Poudel, Campus Chief of MRM College, recognized the participants for their effort and preparation, and thanked GPYC-Nepal for organizing a program to foster healthy attitudes and encourage the skills and knowledge needed to uplift the nation.

Top left: participants at the 3-day leadership seminar; top right: GPYC and GPA-Nepal leaders meet with Nepal’s new Minister of Education; below: lecture competition on the role of Nepalese youth in building a prosperous Nepal.

Earlier GPA and GPYC-Nepal leaders met with the Government of Nepal’s new Minister of Education, Honorable Mr. Dina Nath Sharma, at the Minister’s office in Kaiser Mahal, Kathmandu. During the meeting on November 9, they discussed inclusive education and issues affecting students with special needs. The Minister showed interest in the development and success of the “Power of One Rupee,” a project initiated by GPA-Nepal to help eradicate illiteracy by supporting students with financial needs.

In October, Global Peace Volunteers helped support a shelter for elderly and disabled men and women at Aama Ko Ghar, Rabi Bhawan, Kathmandu. The volunteers energetically cleaned the home, prepared tea and served biscuits. Mrs. Dil Sobha Shrestha, founder of Aama Ko Ghar, expressed her appreciation for the volunteer activities. “We must realize their suffering and should have the heart of helping them,” she said.

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