Global Peace Women Uruguay Calls for Support for the Extended Family

Global Peace Foundation
October 5, 2016

Extended family environment promotes essential values say diverse women leaders

Top to bottom: Former first lady of Uruguay Ms. Maria Julia Pou de Lacalle, journalist Carla Lorenzo

Distinguished women leaders in Uruguay urged greater recognition and support for the extended family as an important means of tackling complex social challenges and advancing peace and development at a forum, “ The Importance of the Extended Family for the Transmission of Values,” on September 3 in Montevideo.

Hosted by Global Peace Women (GPW) Uruguay, the forum included GPW board members as well as ambassadors, civic leaders, social workers, academics, and community volunteers. The forum was moderated by Dr. Mirtha Zunino, a Global Peace Women Uruguay member.

Global Peace Women Uruguay President Ms. Nibia Pizzo called upon participants to advance the important work of promoting strong families and shared values. “If we do not raise the banners of love and family values the world will move forward like a body without a mind,” she said. “ It’s important to consider how we can actually practice and implement the extended family spirit in society,” she emphasized further.

Former first lady of Uruguay and noted international humanitarian Ms. Maria Julia Pou de Lacalle spoke on the important role the family plays in cultivating basic values such as trust, loyalty, solidarity and honesty that uphold a society.

Secretary General of Global Peace Women Dr. Soonok Kang described the extended family as the best environment to raise healthy persons of good character who are the foundation for peaceful societies and offer tangible social, economic and emotional benefits.

Dr. Kang, quoting the Global Peace Foundation Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, said, “The original nature and experience of women strengthens social cohesion and is essential to realizing the dream of establishing One Family under God.” She encouraged women, as natural social activists and essential members of the family, to take the lead in securing peace, starting within their homes and  spreading to the society.

Journalist and television commentator Carla Lorenzo shared practical actions steps
people can take to implement extended family models considering the challenges, and proposed suggestions to overcome them.

In support of the extended family model, Global Peace Women Uruguay has been helping single mothers with parenting education, and after the event, GPW Uruguay members visited the Hogar Paulina Luisi Shelter to donate gifts and spend time with the vulnerable young girls. GPW Uruguay has been working to uphold the value and dignity of women, and hosted the first “Living for the Sake of Others” awards ceremony in May 2016, recognizing outstanding women in Uruguay for their sacrifice and contribution to the nation.

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