Global Peace Women Begins 2014 Lecture Series in Uruguay with Forum Addressing Arts in Education

Global Peace Foundation
August 5, 2014

Artists, Educators and Political Leaders Acknowledge Art’s Importance in Education

Global Peace Women hosted the first of its 2014 roundtable series with the support of the Bohemian Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art on June 7 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Seventy people participated in a panel discussion entitled “Art in Education,“ addressing the role of art in the development and education of children and adolescents. A panel of recognized professionals offered their experience and perspective. Left to right: Dra. Estela Abal, Dr. Pilar Lacalle Pou; Sra. Laura Martínez; Dr.  Alberto Scavarelli y Psicologa Nibia Pizzo, Presidenta GPWomen-Uruguay

Recent findings, such as studies by Dr. Eric Kandel, renowned neuroscientist and Nobel Prize laureate, have linked art appreciation to brain development. Moreover, there has been increasing recognition of the arts in cultivating both hard and soft skills such as problem-solving, innovation, empathy, and emotional sensitivity.

Pizzo Nibia

Panelists included art history professor Estela Abal, lawyer and painter Dr. Pilar Lacalle Pou, actress and dance teacher Laura Martinez, and former senator and director of SODRE, a state-supported organization that promotes the arts, Dr. Alberto Scavarelli. Nibia Pizzo, president of Global Peace Women in Uruguay, gave welcoming remarks.  The panel was moderated by Ms Jimena Silva.

“Life is rhythm and code” Dr. Scavarelli reflected. “Art is inevitable if we want education to be a process for life.” Professor Estela Abal touched on art in character development. She asserted that art nurtures creativity and imagination which foster values such as freedom, respect, and autonomy. She said arts connect people to these deeper emotions and values, of which the most essential is love. The Chairman of Global Peace Women in Uruguay, Pizzo Nibia, talking about their objectives and activities

Laura Martinez, who has taught dance for twenty years said, “Dancing creates intergenerational ties,” and observed that her students have gained confidence through dance.

Dr. Lacalle-Pou described how her artistic endeavors have helped her discover her calling in life. She told participants, “I graduated as a lawyer but I’m an artist.”  She explained that the arts reveal one’s passion, which should be the driving force of one’s occupation. “Excellence will never be achieved if we are not passionate about what we do,” she said.

The program collected donations for the Care Center for Children and Families, Virgen Niña, and the children’s club Creciendo Juntos.

The second roundtable of the series, “What Values Should We Teach our Children?” was held on August 2. A third program, “Women Leadership in Volunteer Activities,” is also planned.

Global Peace Women has been active in Uruguay since August 2013. Last year it hosted a series of panels and seminars to provide information on women and family issues and form a growing network of women leaders.

Global Peace Women-Uruguay activities can be followed on Facebook: gpwomen.uruguay

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