Global Peace Nigeria appeals to Nigerians to prevent the violence from #EndSARS’ protests destroying the country

Emiko Perea
December 14, 2020
Rev. Hayab speaking

Recent GPF forums encourage youth to be peacebuilding agents in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the tension between the controversial Police unit called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and Nigerians escalated into a destructive protest calling for the end of police brutality from SARS. Despite the mandate for SARS to be disbanded by the police in October, the protests continued in cities across the country with some young people calling for the end of the police force.

According to the Country Director of Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, Rev.  John Hayab, the protests garnered support and sympathy, which indicated that Nigeria’s democracy was maturing and that the citizens have a great role to play in decision making. However, the genuine protest was taken over by violent actions. GPF Nigeria, which has played a pivotal role in community peacebuilding throughout the country, appealed to Nigerians to prevent the protests from destroying peace and unity in Nigeria.

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