Global Peace Foundation Interns Create a Culture of Peace Across Nations

Emiko Perea
March 17, 2021

In different countries around the world, interns for Global Peace Foundation shared their experiences in becoming peacebuilders and leaders in their local communities.

From GPF India’s interns:

“From the beginning when I read the internship notice of MIEL on intern Shala, I was fascinated to read a program such as this, which tries to blend the concepts of peace with environmental preservation and development. This is the need of the hour when we start treating our ecosystem with skillful care. It is not the duty of only scientists, but everyone. I am a medical professional myself and understand the need for policymakers and dedicated volunteers in bringing major changes. Eagerly waiting for more activities.”

Dr. Priyanka Thanki, an intern for Moral and Innovative Environmental Leadership (MIEL Winters 2021) in GPF India, which aimed to create a culture of service and protect the environment through moral and ethical leadership.

“I have been teaching English to Rainbow Bosco Homes students since the beginning of the TVC project. It has been a wonderful experience to see how the girls are picking up my subject. Not only about classes, but the kind of respect and love that everyone is giving me, be it Sister Leena or the team of TVC, is the best I could get in life. I am sure TVC will have more educators and new kids to teach. Looking forward to [seeing] its growth! Good Luck!”

– Mrs. Debolina, an intern from GPF India’s The Vidya Connect (TVC), a program with the aim to provide quality education for all.

“WUC has been a very special campaign for me personally. Right from the first phase I have been actively engaged in its poster making section, and have learnt a lot from the team. The kind of ideas that the team shared, and the kind of platform we received to speak up and ideate ourselves was great! I wish Mr. Avnish Singh and everyone on the team very good luck for the future developments of WUC.”

– Parul Dogra, an intern for the GPF India’s Women Unified Campaign (WUC), a campaign that utilizes a comprehensive approach to raise the status of women.

From GPF Cambodia Interns: 

Kothchornai Siv, EnglishEd Project Coordinator/Intern

“English Ed project is a great project created with the intention to broaden Cambodian children’s education in English language. The project provides reciprocal benefits for the volunteers, children, and the intern. I know that I’m going to learn a lot after my internship period with these soft skills like leadership skills, communication skills, and flexibility and these are very important to me in adapting to society more effectively. Last but not least, I know I’m going to have a memorable first internship experience.”

Lam Sotheary, PeaceBook Project Coordinator/Intern

“This organization teaches me how to become a better person in society and teaches me how to write project proposals and reports which will help me in my future career. One more thing, I can also have new experiences from other staff and I improve my practical skills in the project. I must say that, this is my first experience of organizing the project, but I can learn a lot of new things in a professional environment. However, I also had the opportunity to use my knowledge I learned during my studies. As well as, I can practice foreign languages every day. Therefore, this internship made me feel confident to talk with others. Finally, I would say that this internship was very rewarding and had a positive impact on my future career, in terms of working experience, and I got new valuable skills.”


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