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Global Peace Foundation
March 24, 2020
Dear Partners in Peacebuilding,

As we all know, we are now experiencing an unprecedented time filled with uncertainty as COVID-19 is rapidly spreading. Our highly interconnected world is being impacted as never before, challenging us to work together, beyond borders and our many differences, to find solutions to this health crisis. This global pandemic requires a global solution.

Times of crisis can seriously threaten our well-being and disrupt our everyday lives, but also call forth the innate qualities of character and creativity within our human family. I am sure we all recall natural disasters and other calamities in which ordinary people made heroic efforts with extraordinary compassion to help those in need. In such times, the best in us is evident when we face new challenges and work together, united as a human family, to forge innovative solutions. The most important resource available to us is the collective power of the human spirit; we should tap into that resource now on every level of human endeavor.

Read the full message from GPF International President James Flynn. 

At Global Peace Foundation, we understand “peacebuilding” in a very broad way. It includes all efforts to reduce conflict and its causes, and to strengthen social cohesion. All of us can be “peacebuilders” every day—reducing stress, solving problems, building trust, and serving others in our communities, neighborhoods and households. 
To uplift and inspire, we are collecting your stories, our stories—the stories of humanity working together to to support and inspire each other through these difficult times, reminding us that we are never alone, and together we will come out stronger.
Please share your stories wth us, [email protected]

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