Global Peace Economic Forum Seoul 2015 Congratulatory Remarks from Kartikeya Sharma Chairman and MD, ITV Network

Global Peace Foundation
October 8, 2015

It is an honour to be a part of this great occasion. The Korean people have a recorded and unbroken history of five thousand years, and have indeed been linked with India through a royal princess who came to your beautiful land and made it her home, together with her immense retinue.

The Korean people have retained their culture, their values and civilization despite years of oppression, and in this, they are joined by their sisters and brothers in my country, India. We too have with pride retained our traditions despite harsh colonial occupation.

So strong is the culture of Korea, so strong is the culture of India, that no force from outside has been able to put out this shining light

The Korean people are a unity and there is no doubt that in the years ahead, the dream of reunification will become a reality.

Millions of patriotic Koreans across both sides of the DMZ have the same wish and the same dream, a reunified Korea that will emerge as a global power and be a diamond in the tiara which represents rising Asia.

It is with joy in my heart and admiration in my mind that I salute those who are working to make the grand dream of Korean reunification a reality, and wish all success in this noble task.

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