educator capacity building

Training of teachers and educators remains an essential mandate for governments, NGOs, education stakeholders and STEM organizations to develop the professional capacity to prepare students for success in the workplace and as productive citizens.

Learning has often been perceived to be for students only, without a priority for training and skills for teachers and educators to inform them of new innovative cultures in education, twenty-first century curricula, trending technological advancements, and the need to incorporate creativity in the syllabus to ensure “whole-student” education.

Over the last decade, the Global Peace Foundation has trained more than 25,000 educators with support from Ministries of Education, regional and local governments, and partnering corporations and universities. In response to the global pandemic in 2020-21, Global Peace Foundation’s Capacity Building Online Workshops for teachers and school principals provided guidance and support for educators to transform their school cultures by modeling and building integrity and nurturing creativity in response to specific concerns in the school and home environment that severely affect school morale and the academic climate. The workshops addressed the new role of the teacher as an agent of change, a master facilitator, a role model, a great collaborator, a moral and innovative leader, and one who is good at relationship building with their students, fellow teachers, parents, and community members.

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