The Global Peace Foundation (GPF) works inspired by universal principles and values in 18 countries worldwide and it began now to deepen its vision in Latin America with the Central American chapter operating from Guatemala, a country where it has important strategic allies such as President Vinicio Cerezo.

GPF is constituted under a vision that favors the change of paradigms with international, regional, and local actions, inspired by the conviction that we are all, regardless of any differentiation, “One Family under God”. Each one of its projects is motivated by moral and innovative leadership.

GPF in Central America: A Region of Opportunities

The Global Peace Foundation in Central America is part of a consortium of organizations working for social transformation to contribute to the construction of a region of opportunities: The Central American Dream, among the organizations that make up the ecosystem are the Esquipulas Foundation for Peace, Democracy, Development, and Integration, the Foundation for Ecodevelopment and Conservation (Fundaeco) and the Latin American Presidential Mission.

The region with 60 million inhabitants, including the Dominican Republic, faces major structural challenges such as poverty, corruption, drug trafficking, weak presence of state in territories, lack of better conditions for development and prosperity, migration, vulnerability to the effects of climate change among other problems that directly affect the population.

Central America has made headlines for migrant caravans headed mainly to the United States Migration is perhaps one of the most visible consequences of the lack of opportunities, which does not escape a planetary reality, since globally the number of refugees and internally displaced persons are greater than those of the Second World War. 

That is why GPF Central America’s work seeks to contribute to the construction of the Central American dream so that peace can be firm and lasting, democracy can be consolidated and greater social welfare can be generated. 

An approach that prioritizes youth and women 

In Central America, 65% of the population is under 35 years of age and 52% are women, who lead 85% of the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that sustain the region’s economy. For this reason, various initiatives, programs, and projects will prioritize the benefits for the majority of the population.

In the words of Thomas Field, Global Peace Foundation’s representative for Latin America, based in Paraguay, building bridges with Central America is highly strategic, and the work of the ecosystem will undoubtedly contribute to generating positive, high-value changes in communities, families, and nations.

GPF Central America will be represented by Olinda Salguero, who has more than 15 years serving the Central American region. Salguero recently was the Head of State of the General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System (SICA) (2017-2021), and Executive Director for more than a decade of the Esquipulas Foundation in Guatemala, Executive Director and one of the promoters of the Latin American Presidential Mission. Her work was recognized in 2021 by FORBES Magazine as one of the “100 Powerful Women of Central America and the Dominican Republic”.

To show a button; Together Sowing Life 

GPF Central America recently joined the national campaign Reforestando Guatemaya, which was attended by more than 10 thousand volunteers, mainly from indigenous peoples, in 10 departments, 122 municipalities, and more than 600 communities, planting more than 3 million trees in Guatemala. 

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GPF in the world 

The Global Peace Foundation was created in 2009 by Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, a dynamic global peace advocate, to promote a vision of peace based on universal principles and values shared by all cultural-religious traditions.

GPF seeks to facilitate cross-cultural cooperation, the strengthening of families, and the adoption of a global culture. It is in a constant search to create sustainable and collaborative models of development that allow everyone to achieve well-being, without discrimination of any kind.

GPF’s work is developed in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Tanzania, and Uganda.

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GPF in the Americas

The Foundation also collaborates in the United States, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay promoting a culture of peace and service, advocating and contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The GPF also acts as the Founder and promoter of the Latin American Presidential Mission, integrated by Former Presidents who put their leadership, testimony, and action beyond ideologies. 

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The world faces global challenges that require moral and innovative leadership to move forward so that, as the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Mayan civilization, says, “Everyone rises and no one is left behind. The vision and work of the Global Peace Foundation is necessary and fundamental to transform realities, as one great human family under God.