Community Development Session: Global Peace Convention 2013 (Dec. 6th)

Global Peace Foundation
December 6, 2013

Date: Dec. 6th 2013
Topic: Community Development
Session: Holistic Human Development – A Value-Based Planning and Management Model

The session will discuss a comprehensive approach to human development as a values-based planning and management model. Session panelists will highlight several practical and innovative ways to implement holistic approaches in programs such as the Alllights Village Project, and other exemplary cross-cultural models. The model emphasizes local ownership of the decision-making process; commitment of local resources; participation of all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, or gender; inclusion of traditional, indigenous knowledge; and understanding that community development is a long-term process. Participants will be encouraged to build on their own strengths and capacities to promote sustainable social and economic development of their communities.

GPF’s annual Global Peace Convention is a preeminent, world-level platform to share best practices and develop collaborative strategies in areas of education, health care, environmental sustainability, community-driven development, and conflict resolution, guided by a vision of One Family under God. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon is the founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation.

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