Alliance for Korea United USA

Alliance for Korea United (AKU) USA is a coalition of Korean American organizations and individuals advancing the cause for a united Korea that fulfills the historic ideals and aspirations of the Korean people. There are some 1.7 million ethnic Koreans living in the United States, the second largest Korean diaspora population after China. Historically, the Korean diaspora community in the United States has been an instrumental base for the Korean Independence Movement. Today, Alliance for Korea United USA represents Korean diaspora communities in the United States committed to Korean reunification.

AKU USA has joined with the Global Peace Foundation as a sponsor and partner for international forums and conferences that advance a comprehensive approach to Korean reunification. Through forums, education programs, policy initiatives and community engagement projects, AKU USA works to build consensus and momentum in support of a unified Korea, to strengthen the long-standing partnership between ROK and USA, and to deepen the bonds of friendship connecting the Korean and American peoples.

Other Work