African Countries Celebrate International Day of Education 2022

Naomi MacMurdie
February 7, 2022

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya celebrated the International Day of Education by showcasing its many activities and projects highlighting the creativity, talent, and service mindset of African youth and leaders at different online forums in January and February 2022.

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Hosted under the theme, “Changing Course, Transforming Education,” GPF Tanzania partnered with Mikocheni Secondary School to bring 100 students from the Global Peace Club to participate in the online convening displaying the different country’s peacebuilding initiatives, including a debate and presentations on tree planting and social media campaigns.

Through a facilitated debate on the topic, “Is it necessary for both boys and girls to have equal opportunity in getting an education?” and short animations Shujaa/Brave and Naweza/I can, students were able to express their views, learn about the need for equal access to education for both sexes, and the importance of being ambassadors for equity on the family level. They understood and agreed to champion against harmful norms and traditions that exist at the family level which have prohibited young girls from accessing education and other essential rights. Inspired by the discussion and animations, students Magreth Jerry and Samira Ally Salum found empowerment to fight gender-based violence. Safari Yusuph, a student and Global Peace Club member testified, “I am inspired to fight for my dreams and be a big person in the world.”

Through ongoing social media campaigns and tree planting activities, students were given a better sense of the importance of working together to make the world a better place despite the conflicts caused by harmful traditions and climate change. The social media campaign, which promoted the rights and importance of every child to receive an education in order to advance sustainable development, had a total reach of 473,900 people and 1.1 million impressions on Twitter.

Inclusiveness of young boys and girls on current issues concerning early marriages, female genital mutilation education, menstrual hygiene, and public speaking, empowers students with awareness and allows them to be more proactive in helping their communities. Utilizing the talents of local changemakers and leaders to transform and diversify education through teaching new skills can be linked with community empowerment and sustainable development.

Watch GPF Uganda’s forum on Good Morning Uganda and Kenya’s commemoration of International Day of Education.

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